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What is Forex rebates?
Many traders, especially new traders, mostly don’t know about Forex Rebates. However, for traders who have trading experience in this industry for a long time, currency reimbursement is nothing new.
A forex rebate is a refund of a portion of the spread or commission paid to the broker on the transaction, whether trading or holding orders overnight.
For example, if you buy EURUSD 1 standard lot (contract size 100,000) with a spread of 2 pips, the order transaction will be immediately less (-) 2 pips or $ 20, implying that you must pay the spread / commission to the broker of 2 pips or $ 20 for your transaction. For your transactions using the forex rebate system, You will be partially refunded for any spreads or commissions you have already paid by using our refund system, and by using an existing trading account or opening a new one. You can get your money back through a bank transfer, or through a reliable payment service provider.
For example, if we offer a rebate rate of 0.80 points, you will receive a $8 discount per lot if your weekly trading volume is 20 lots, you will receive a weekly exchange rate discount. Whereas the rebate rate can be expressed as a number of pips, a dollar amount per lot, or a percentage of the commission we receive from the broker.

Forex rebate is an additional income that allows traders to increase profits or reduce losses on individual trades. Due to the forex refund you will receive whether your trades are profit or loss from us. We earn a commission from every client who opens an account via our website link. And most of the commissions we earn will be returned to you up to 80% of the commission.

The amount of cashback you receive
1.Your chosen broker's rebate rate 2.The currency pair you are trading 3. Amount and transaction volume

** To calculate your rebate, please use the forex rebate calculator**.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Requesting a Rebate
If you are really worried about your profits in the Forex market. To improve your profits, choose one of the reputable and reliable forex rebate providers and offer the highest rebate rate to increase your profits. Because you can get genuine cashback from all trades, whether you win or lose. Because claiming a refund of the commission you have paid can increase your annual profit by up to 30%. However, the rebate rate depends on the frequency of trades.

Disadvantages of Forex Rebate

However, claiming forex rebates may negatively affect your trading behavior. Which you need to be careful before you start using the forex rebate service. Here are some mistakes that you should be careful with. Even if you make money on every trade, you need to pay attention to your trading profit and not calculate it with cashback money. Unless you are a speculator who trades a lot per day. Although it is feasible to make the majority of one's profits via currency refunds, this is rarely the case. Do not rely only on the money generated by rebate applications, you must focus on your trading first. Never underestimate the risk-to-reward ratio and always keep it in mind.

  • Even if you receive a refund, you must continually improve yourself as a trader, always following the latest trading trends and techniques. Remember that learning to trade Forex is a never-ending process. which you should always strive to improve.

  • Focusing on capital management in forex trading It's all about capital management. To reduce the possibility of losing all of your money on a trade that does not go as you expected. When it comes to money management, you must use extreme caution.

  • Finally, don't trade just because you think you're going to receive your money back. It should always be considered that the time is right to enter and exit the market. Don't let Forex discounts influence your decision.

  • Advantages of Claim Forex Rebate

    Of course, if you follow all of the fundamental rules and don't let refunds affect your Forex trading. The rebate on paid commissions is a highly recommended cost-cutting strategy for traders. Here are some of the benefits of using the cashback from a rebate claim.

  • You will be refunded from the spread and commission. Whether you win or lose, you will get your money back. This is very common among forex traders if you are a day trader. You may trade several times per day. When you pay commission to your broker. Forex Rebates will be credited to your FX Rebates account instantly.

  • Cashback from receiving Forex Rebate helps you to trade more profitably, even if you are in a bad financial situation or waste a lot of money, Rebate will allow you to get a partial refund. Based on our calculations, The average trader can make profits of more than 30% per year with forex rebates. (depending on the frequency of trading)
  • How To Choose a Forex Rebate Provider??
    You need to consider the refund rate range of the provider you want to join. For each broker will offer different discounts. Therefore, you should consider comparing the offers before making your decisions. Although the rebate rate is really important, we believe that is not the most essential factor. There are many more important factors such as security and payment options.This is something you should consider when making your decision.
    Although receiving a forex rebate is entirely free and it is a great strategy to boost your profits. However, you must always consider whether the cashback provider is reliable or not. For UTSPAY.app we have a database that is password-protected. With us, your money is completely secure. Our database is also backed up numerous times a day. This means there will be no issues to your account.
    language in your country
    Provider of refund services in your country's language It may appear to be inconsequential. However, in case of an emergency or issue, this will be very beneficial. And For us, we offer services in both English and Thai.
    payment method payment fee
    Payment options are a very good way to filter rebate forex providers. If you need a withdrawal method such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller, then you need to choose one of the cashback networks that offer the solution you need. Furthermore, when you wish to withdraw your money, payment costs can be inconvenient. You should choose a provider where you can get your money quickly and without any fees.
    Professional and friendly customer support team
    Forex Rebate Service Provider With Unprofessional Support They usually lack the information that you need. However, there are a great few forex rebate providers who give great customer service via Live Chat, email, and phone, and we are one of them.
    Referral program
    Finally, the Referral Program can help you in deciding which forex rebate service to use. It's ideal if you can increase your earnings by inviting your friends to visit UTSPAY.app to claim a rebate. So that you can supplement your income by earning a commission as a thank you for recommending your friends to our program.