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About Us

As a rebate provider, we offer you the best rebates in the forex and CFD market. With a substantial active clients, we have cultivated powerful relationships with brokers, allowing us to pay you back the spread and commission you paid in the form of rebates which will be credited directly to your cash account.

While community of traders is continuously growing, we empower you on your financial journey with not just considerable information about our partner brokers – we also support you with our friendly staffs, who are experienced in forex industry.

Our main goal is to become one of the world’s leader of financial rebate providers. We aim to excellence in service and the safeguarding of our clients’ funds stands as our foremost priority.


How to apply

You can apply for a subscription from the Sign up menu. and the information that must be prepared is Fullname, Email, Password and accept the terms of use.

How do I add an account to get rebates?

Press the Get cashback menu to select the broker you want. and after bring the number open through to fill in the box located at the bottom.

How do I receive rebates?

Details on how to earn Rebate can be found in the Brokers menu bar as each broker has different conditions.

Minimum withdrawal Amounts

Our minimum withdrawal amount is $3

How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawals from the system will be approved within 24 hrs. It is recommended to order withdrawals from 08.00-17.00 Mon-Fri. If you order after 5pm, the system will be approved the next day. And if the order is withdrawn after 5pm on Friday, the balance will be approved on Monday.

How long will the money be credited to my account?

The balance will be credited to your account within 24-48 hours after the system has been approved.

I forgot my password.

You can change your password on our website by selecting forget password.

I cannot log in to my account.

This is caused by entering an incorrect email or password.

Can I transfer funds from multiple accounts into one account?

It is not possible to transfer funds from each account to a single account.

In which currency can I withdraw money?

Withdrawals need to be withdrawn in dollars, the system will automatically convert to Thai baht.